Do you struggle to practice daily?

It's one thing finding the motivation or inspiration to get on the mat it's something else knowing what to do once you actually get there.

Not knowing what to practice is one of the biggest challenges of a home yoga practice. 

Creating a sequence that is:

  • the right duration

  • challenging

  • nail repetition and timing

  • is an all-rounded practice

  • makes you feel awesome

it's not easy and it takes time and skill

If you had a library of well planned and thought out sequences to follow every day of the week, motivation and inspiration wouldn't be half the issue it is.

That's why I create the Home Yoga Practice Membership.


7 Day Free Trial

Home Yoga Practice Membership


New videos added every week!

  • LIVE Led Weekly Practice

  • Props & Equipment

  • Practicing with Injuries & Menstruation

  • 10 Minute Practices

  • 20-25 Minute Practices

  • 30 Minute Practices

  • 45-60 Minute Practices

  • Downloadable Sequences

  • Yoga Tips, Tricks & Talks

  • Q & A Sessions & Replays


Rachel Conn

“I love having access to these resources. I used to struggle with deciding which asanas to do and sticking to my intended length of practice. Now I just select the focus and length of practice according to my current state and time available and press play. I have been able to achieve much more consistent home practice, and have noticed the many benefits of this, and the resources are always growing. Thanks Kate! ”

Amaya Alcibar.jpg

Amaya Alcibar -

A big thank you Kate for your ongoing support. I am becoming stronger a little each day…. Kate has made such a difference to my practice. I seem to pick up something little every time I am on the mat. Little tiny queues that Kate gives with her instruction have been so so beneficial ... I fumble along daily, however never regret getting on my mat. I would recommend "Yogabranches" to anyone that needs a "little" support with your yoga home practice, it makes it so much easier to get on your mat daily with Kate there to guide you. The benefits are amazing and for me life changing.