I’ve been there… where you are today.

I’ve struggled with the stresses of work and the demands of family life.

I’ve struggled with injuries and surgery that has made me feel 65 when I was only 25.

I’ve been through wanting to get pregnant, being pregnant and becoming a mum.

And through it all, yoga has been my saviour.

Yoga has helped me to manage my stress, to be more patient and accepting of the challenges life has thrown me.

Yoga has been the key activity that has rehabilitated me from injuries and surgery and now continues to support me in my everyday wellbeing.

I did yoga before I was pregnant and all through my pregnancies and I put it to yoga that I had such calm, easy home births.

I want to support and motivate others to incorporate yoga into their lives, so they have tools to support them when challenges arise.

Whether it is muscular and joint problems, immune health, stress, anxiety, depression, body weight or any physical ailment, yoga can help.

The method of yoga I teach is called Iyengar yoga which has a very systematic approach to support you no matter your level of health and fitness.

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