2 Step Process to Find Your MoJo on the Mat?

When I ask my community what’s the biggest challenge in their Iyengar yoga practice at home, often people say “getting on the mat”

Today I’m here to help you find your motivation to GET ON THE MAT in the first place.

Motivation is there when you know the benefit. For example I am easy motivated to lie on the couch and read because it will meet my need for entertainment & relaxation.

You know doing yoga is good for you and once you have done your practice you are going to feel so much better for it. But it requires a fair bit more effort than lying on the couch with a book and the benefits and not always immediately felt or known.  

This is why we have the motivation issue. If you don’t have a clear intention for why you are getting on the mat and the benefits are not clear, the motivational point is missing.

So let me take you through a 2 step process that will arrive you at your motivational point.

A = B = Motivation

I want you to find your motivation for getting on the mat.

17 Years ago I started yoga because I had knee surgery and needed rehabilitation. Months had passed after the surgery and for a 20 something, my knee was not working how it should have. I was looking for mobility.

You can probably guess now what A and B are.

A = Problem

B = Desire/Need

Problem = Desire/Need = Motivation

Here is the 2 step process. Get a pen and paper and write this down as we go through.

A. Ask yourself what is the problem?  Let me give you a few ideas in case it is not obvious to you.

  • You are stressed and over worked

  • You are exhausted and have not energy

  • You have tight hamstrings

  • You find it hard to fall asleep and don’t sleep well

Get the idea?

B. Want do you want/desire?

  • You are stressed and want to feel more relaxed and chilled out and to be able to switch off

  • You are exhausted and want to restore your energy

  • You have tight hamstrings and want more flexibility

  • You don't’ sleep well and want to fall asleep more quickly and sleep deeply.

There is the answer to MOTIVATION. You have to have an intention, something you are working towards and that will give you the motivation to get on the mat in the first place.

I speak in more detail here about Motivation, Prioritising Time & What to Practice in this video. Check it out!

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