Yoga classes are to learn, Iyengar yoga practice at home is to explore


If I had to pinpoint ONE thing that has allowed me to go from no yoga practice to a consistent and regular Iyengar yoga practice it is because I continue to attend yoga classes weekly.

I know you might not have this luxury, but if you do…

Read on… this is critical for your home yoga practice

Yoga classes are to learn, home practice is to explore.

Attending classes gives me

  • something to chew on in my home practice

  • A focus in my home practice

  • Attention to detail so I don’t injure myself in my home practice

  • Confidence to practice alone

I went to a class today, I usually get in one class a week, it was one of the classes where the teacher packs it in. Give you so much information you can’t digest it all in class.  

That’s why we practice at home, to go deeper in our yoga journey.

A home practice gives us space to explore what happened in class but in the comfort of our home.

How many times have you been in class and not been able to do a challenging pose, or just been intimidated by the audience factor, or has a case of comparisonitis and not been able to tackle the pose in class?

Home is the place to tackle it, there is freedom at home, there is no audience at home, you can fall on your face at home and no one will see.

At home we can develop confidence in our practice which we can then take back to the studio.

Ok but how you might be asking?

I wanted to leave you with my 3 top tips for when you do learn something, how to make the most of it.

As soon as I finish a yoga class, I

  1. whip out my notebook and scribble down as much of the sequence as I can recall in the order it was taught

  2. Write down as many tips or notes on any asana that resonated

  3. If we used a prop in a pose write specifically what actions were connected to that prop

Practice, practice, practice.

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