Balancing Life, Work & Yoga


We all know that teaching yoga and making a full time income from teaching is a yoga challenge (near impossible) and we have to supplement the teaching with another job or business or otherwise we are teaching 20 classes a week and and thats just not sustainable.

And we all know that teaching yoga takes so much more than just rocking up to a studio to teach a class for an hour.

It requires practice and study and dedication and time.

So how do we juggle all this with work and families and and and?

It’s hard to juggle everything all at once, all the time. I’ve tried that and to be honest, I failed and I suffered and my family suffered and my practice and teaching suffered.

I was stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected from my loved ones and not having any fun.

I have learn a lot since then and that’s what I want to share with you today. How to keep all the balls in the air.

I have a bunch of good habits I have implemented into my daily life that help keep everything in balance and in this video I will share with you those good habit.

But you need to do the work, they are things that will take some effort effort to start doing and to make regular in your daily life, but once you implement them and see results they will be easy to keep up.

In this video I will share with you

  • Recognising the warning signs

  • The tools I use to keep the balance

  • Creating a practice that serves YOU

  • My practice schedule

  • The 1 thing I did that really shifted the balance for me

Watch the video below for step by step action you can take now.