4 Tips on how to keep up your practice when you travel


When I’m on holidays…

I can say, I practiced every single day!

I want to share with you my 4 Essential Tips for travel/holidays & yoga so that you can do your Iyengar yoga practice everyday too while your are on holidays.

Just for the record, I don’t make this stuff up… these exact 4 things I’m sharing with you today are exactly what I did for this last holiday I just took.

So lets dive in

1. Mat, Brick, Belt

I don’t leave home without them. I don’t have a travel mat, rather I like to take a big suitcase and then I can fit a brick and strap too… I prioritise yoga in my life.

It’s a lifestyle choice I have made and will not compromise on. Some people pack makeup, hairdryer, etc that’s a lifestyle choice they have made.

Have you made a firm commitment to making yoga part of your lifestyle? It’s pretty essential if you really want to make it a daily thing.

2. Practice First Thing 

Holidays (while we all think we are going to relax and read) can get pretty busy, especially if you are holidaying with a family like mine!

They like to do everything and all together… let’s just say if you want to do yoga as well, you have got to do it first thing while they are all waking up on their third coffee.

Don’t say “I’ll do it this afternoon” because come 4pm an opportunity for a walk, a beer, game of cards, or connection with a friend/family will arise and you probably have a firmer commitment to all of them above yoga so you know which one you are going to choose.

And no one wants to be the holiday pooper “Sorry I can’t go for coffee/beer/swim now I have to do my yoga practice”

3. Practice Off the Mat

I did a really unsatisfying practice one morning on this last holiday and then we were off for the day adventuring… so I did yoga while we were on the beach… now that is satisfying.

Practicing yoga off the mat is like a breath of fresh air.  It offers freedom. Get out of your comfort zone, look around see what props you can use at the beach or park. Check out the yoga videos I created on my last holiday… they are fun!

Watch Video below!

4. Yoga Sequences

Have a few sequences on hand so you are efficient with your limited time. It’s a holiday remember, so give yourself a holiday from thinking about what to practice. Have some PDF’s printed or if you have wifi subscribe to online yoga videos (I have heaps if you are interested click here).

That way you get out of bed, roll out your mat and practice, every single day you are on holidays.

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