5 Tips to a Consistent Iyengar Yoga Practice


I want to share with you 5 Tips for creating a consistent Iyengar yoga practice that you love.

Stay motivated

  • Constantly be excited about what you are working on

  • Have some goals or asana that you are working towards

  • Practice poses that you enjoy as well as ones that challenge you

Look for inspiration outside

  • A community is good for getting ideas and staying inspired

  • Books or video led practices

  • Attend classes with different teachers

Ask yourself “What’s holding you back” or “What’s your biggest challenge”

  • We need to know what the problem is before we can fix it.

  • If making time is your biggest challenge, come up with lots of ideas to overcome it. For example, wake up earlier, plan a shorter practice, put the tv on so the kids don’t bother you, start work later, do it in your lunch break

  • There are so many solutions… think outside the box.

A Plan will make your time on the mat more efficient & satisfying

  • Know what you are going to do before you step onto the mat

  • Create your own sequence, follow a sequence in a book, follow a video led practice

Schedule in when you will practice and for how long

  • This is the nature of the 21st Century, everything must be booked ahead of time

  • Our lives are too busy to fly by the seat of your pants

  • Mark in your diary what time you will practice and for how long… daily

Want more details about my tips around consistency? Watch the video below!

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