Tips on How to Enjoy Your Iyengar Yoga Practice


I don’t often give myself a long, deep, soothing savasana and I sure as hell deserve it.

This month I am making an extra effort to nurture my Iyengar yoga practice, to practice things I love and to love my practice and enjoy it.

When I was in Pune at the institute in January Abhijata spoke a lot about our approach to practice and enjoying our practice.

There were 3 keys points she spoke about I explain a little more about in the video

  1. Don’t be rigid in your practice

  2. Start your practice where you left off yesterday

  3. Approach each pose like it is the first time you have done it

Check out a video of me talking about this in detail below…. direct from Pune, India.

Abhijata’s words inspired me to find as many ways as I can to practice savasana and to enjoy my practice.

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